GTA V will be 60GB in size.

exploding_manWe’re gonna need a bigger box.

Remember how L.A. Noire was three discs long? Rockstar may be continuing that trend with the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series.

According to (which wasn’t calling GTA V the devil, to my pleasant surprise), Grandius Theftus Automobilius the Fifth will be four times as big as GTA IV. Where the 2008 sandbox action game was about 15GB, the newest release will clock in at around 60GB.

By working hard, Rockstar managed to take L.A. Noire from six discs to three. If we’re lucky, they’ll find some way to make a TARDIS out of a HD-DVD.

The site also speculates that the reason why GTA V won’t be on PC is because of piracy, but they have no word from Rockstar to confirm that.


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