Report – New 720 Details Refute Always Online And Blocking Of Used Games

New rumours have arisen surrounding the Xbox 720 refuting previous rumours of the console having to be constantly online and will be blocking used games.

Rumours on VG Leaks not only specify the console will be able to be played offline and it won’t be blocking used games, the next-gen Xbox will actually be supporting backwards compatibility via an add-on device thus allowing users to play Xbox 360 games on codename Durango.



The next-gen Xbox will be an online console but for players with slower and less reliable Internet connections, an offline option will be available to play games. As mentioned, the console will allow used games.

The add-on device for this the Xbox 720 works by being specifically networked for the next Xbox meaning content from retail games, from the XBLA and digital games will be supported. VG note the device is akin to the HD-DVD add on released with the Xbox 360.

VG also add the next-gen console from Microsoft hasn’t been delayed yet due to an issue with the console and the add-on device not being ready. In other words, Microsoft have nothing physical to show just yet.

Fears about the next Xbox’s always online capabilities have been in the public interest for about a week since Xbox creative director Adam Orth engaged in a backlash via Twitter against fans complaining about the systems alleged functions. Orth’s words suggested the console has some always online capabilities of some capacity. Just yesterday, it was revealed that Orth is no longer with Microsoft though it’s not clear if his departure was forced or of his own free will.

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  1. So instead of just including it in the console, we need to get something separately? Could they have heard PlayStation 4 wasn’t backwards so they decided to create something that allowed them backwards.


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