‘Uncharted’ PlayStation 4 Actor Teasing Upcoming Game

It was recently revealed the critically acclaimed Uncharted franchise would be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4. The initial teaser trailer left many with a range of predictions of what the upcoming title could be. Some even predicting Uncharted’s main character Nathan Drake may be absent due to the trailer showcasing the voice work of actor Todd Stashwick – an unknown character to the series.

Little is known about this next generation Naughty Dog title, but actor Stashwick has been teasing some of his motion capture work for the upcoming release  on his Twitter account.

The first image showcases the Uncharted PlayStation 4 title is still in the early stages of development, with motion capture work ongoing. The second image showcases a dummy in a motion capture suit, holding  a apple. Could this relate to the game’s narrative? Or simply an on-set joke?

Stashwick also took to his Instagram account to showcase the same dummy, this time holding an assault rifle.

Uncharted 4 Tease

Lastly, Stashwick responded to a fan who questioned if Nathan Drake would be present in this title. Though Stashwick avoided a direct answer, he did praise the work of series creator and writer Amy Hennig calling her new story a “humdinger”.

So what do you think? Will Nathan Drake be found in Uncharted for PlayStation 4? Or is it a foregone conclusion that our thieving hero will appear?

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA, his personal blog and his videos on YouTube.

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