Analyst Says Nintendo Is Unlikely To Meet Wii U Sales Forecast

The likelihood of Nintendo reaching its sales forecast of 9 million units of sold Wii U’s isn’t going to happen according to analysts.

Wii U

“They steadfastly refuse to consider that the product is not interesting to consumers,” Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter explains, “They will fail to hit 9 million, and they will likely miss their profit goals.”

Nintendo claimed it aims to have sold 9 million units of its latest console by the end of its fiscal year which ends in March next year. Given how the Wii U has been performing as of late with the company being unable to shift many consoles at all, this target is becoming increasingly unlikely.

Patcher also added he expects the console to sell closer to the figure of six million units. The Wii U is currently sitting on a sum of 3.91 million units sold worldwide in a year.

Competing consoles, the PlayStation 4 are quickly catching up on the Wii U so far with Sony announcing its new console has sold over 2 million units worldwide since launch last month. Both the Xbox One and PS4 have already overtaken the Wii U’s total UK sales following their release.

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