Updated: VGX: New Titans Announced For ‘Titanfall’


Respawn Entertainment has revealed a second new Titan for Titanfall. Named the ‘Stryder’, this Titan is a more agile Titan than any we have seen so far. It contrasts to the slower Ogre Titan revealed earlier in the broadcast.


Original Post:

During a reveal at VGX, Respawn Entertainment announced a new Titan for Titanfall.

The Titan will be called an “Ogre”. The Ogre will be a heavier Titan rather than the more agile Titans that have previously been revealed.


Clarifying the story element of Titanfall, Vince Zampella and Abbie Heppe said players will be able to play games with story elements, or just play traditional multiplayer game-types.

Zampella and Heppe also confirmed that there would be no Kinect integration in Titanfall.

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