PlayStation Editors


Name: Jamie Briggs (Editor-in-Chief)
Age: 22
Country: Australia
About Me: I founded Analog Addiction in hope of sharing my personal views on the video game industry, it has become my pride and joy. I love video games and I love trophies. I am always up for a laugh and not afraid to speak to mind, with a strong passion for writing. I do this because I love it and everyday is a blessing, that I never take for granted.
Favourite Console: PlayStation 3
Favourite Game: Mass Effect 1 & Deus Ex Human Revolution
Favourite Genre: Me likes a good story, no matter what genre.
Favourite Franchise: Mass Effect
Personal Character Class: The Jester Class, telling bad jokes is his specialty and making his opponents cringe is his goal. Crossing the line is second nature to this character, who doesn’t like a joke.
What gaming character would you be, and why? Nathan Drake. I only wish I had that much swag.
Why do you love gaming? Gaming has been with me during the tough times of my life and has always been able to put a smile on my face. I have made endless friends through gaming and wouldn’t have found a passion for writing if it wasn’t for the industry. I owe a lot to gaming and everyday I continue to enjoy what gaming offers.
Gamertags: Jamiex66 – everywhere
Social Networks: Twitter, YouTube, MyIGN Email –

Name: George Sinclair
Age: 21
Country: England
About Me: I handle a lot of the news at Analog Addiction. I’m always on the prowl for news so I can bring to you, the reader, the best news ASAP.
Favourite Console: Sony’s finest – the PS3.
Favourite Game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Favourite Genre: Action/Adventure.
Favourite Franchise: Jak and Daxter
Personal Character Class: The warrior/soldier. I like to get into the game as quick as possible and do some damage. That, and I haven’t the patience for magic.
What gaming character would you be, and why? Jak, because he’s a good guy with a mean streak. That, and he can turn into Dark Jak. Come on. No contest!
Why do I love gaming? Gaming has always been a part of my life since I was a kid with my first console, the PlayStation in 1997. Gaming has been there for me in hard times and good times. With my love of writing to convey my thoughts and feelings, I’m focused on fusing the two to make a career out of it one day.
Gamertag: PSN - VictorFiveFive
Social Networks: Twitter   Gmail:

 Xbox Editors

Staff pic

Name: Eric Pepper
Age: 26
Country: Canada
About Me: I’ve been a gamer from a young age and my taste in games has been labeled “eclectic.” I’m willing to give just about any game a chance, as some of the games I’ve had the best times with have been games that aren’t labeled as AAA titles. I also happen to have a backlog a mile long… no seriously, it’s been measured.
Favourite Console: The SNES. That system focused more on content and the quality of the games than the graphics, but still found ways of making the games look beautiful.
Favourite Game: If I was absolutely forced to choose one, I’d have to pick A Link to the Past.
Favourite Genre: I don’t think I can pick just one. Like I said, my taste in games is eclectic.
Favourite Franchise: Bioshock
Personal Character Class: My go-to class in RPG’s is always the warrior type who gets up close and personal with melee combat so I figure why not use that as my go-to answer here?
What gaming character would you be, and why? Isaac Clarke because he’s a good guy put in a horrendous situation. He fights for survival and is pretty much the definition of perseverance.
Why do I love gaming? There is something incredibly satisfying about adopting another role and experiencing an adventure or sitting down with friends and playing together, whether it be for 30 minutes or several hours at a time. It’s an entertainment medium that engages the audience at the highest level and when done properly, will drag you into the world and immerse you in it until completion. Even then it might not let you go, but either way it almost always leaves you with a lasting impression.
Gamertag: Xbox 360 - TMARama


Name: Nathan Manning
Age: 18
Country: Australia
About Me: When I’m not writing news, features, reviews, etc. for Analog Addiction I am studying to complete a bachelor of Communications/Law at University. I’d like to think I am a relaxed, fun-loving person who is dedicated to everything I do.
Favourite Console: Xbox 360
Favourite Game: Batman Arkham City
Favourite Genre: Shooters
Favourite Franchise: Batman Arkham
Personal Character Class: Leeroy Jenkins – most of the time when I am playing games, I usually take the act first, ponder mistakes later approach.
What gaming character would you be, and why? Created Character. I can define my own story, look and abilities. I would look awesome and be unique.
Why do you love gaming? I have been playing games for as long as I can remember. Gaming offers everything I look for in a hobby/ entertainment product: I love the interactive nature, exploring new fantastical worlds, and compete with others to test my skill. With games I can fulfil all of my needs at different times.
Gamertags: Dyslexic TARFU (Xbox Live, Steam), DyslexicTARFU (Nintendo Network), Blaze_Fury96 (PSN).
Social Networks: Twitter   Email:

Nintendo Editor

Name: Robbie Key
Age: 22
Country: United States
About Me: I write about nearly everything from news to reviews to features to editorials for Analog Addiction, though I primarily write reviews and news. Outside Analog Addiction, I am the editor-in-chief for Stephen F. Austin State University’s school newspaper, The Pine Log, and I will occasionally blog for MyIGN. I have been playing games since I was four years old, but my passion for it has never aged. I love every console and recognize that each has their strengths and weaknesses. I have also grown another passion within the past couple of years year: writing/journalism, particularly as a gaming journalist. I love to try and make people laugh even if I embarrass myself or completely fail in the process.
Favorite Console: N64, the definition of classic .
Favorite Game: I could never decide, but for now, let’s go with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
Favorite Genre: Shooters and platformers.
Favorite Franchise: I’m not sure about this either, so let’s go with Halo.
Personal Character Class: Dark Elf. I am an all-around balanced person. Instead of being amazin in one particular area, I like to be great in multiple aspects because I think it will be more useful in different situations.
What gaming character would you be, and why? Big Boss/Naked Snake. Unlike Solid Snake, he is not genetically enhanced in any way, and he is still a bad ass. He knows how to adapt in any given situation with any item he can get his hands on.
Why do I love gaming? There are many reasons why I love gaming: They are fun, there is no other form of entertainment like it, they can deliver experiences unmatched by things such as books or movies and sometimes it’s an escape from that scary thing called reality. Those are the basic reasons.
Gamertags: Xbox - treboR 52010   PSN - trebor_52010   Wii U - treboR 520XX
Social Networks: Twitter, YouTube, MyIGN, Linked In

PC Editors


Name: Vlad Pintea
Age: 20
Country: Romania
About Me: A little introduction? Let’s see: my favorite hobby is gaming, my favorite sport is swimming, and I love eating pizza! I also love watching TV series (my #1 is Game Of Thrones!!!), and my favorite band is Linkin Park. I also like going to movies, but not so much as gaming, or watching TV series. You can contact me via e-mail at and, on Skype (vlad94pintea), Steam, Facebook, and Twitter. Have a good day, and remember: stay calm, and keep on gaming!
Favorite Console: PS3
Favorite Game: Red Dead Redemption
Favorite Genre: Action/Adventure
Favorite Franchise: Assassin’s Creed
Personal Character Class: Paragon – Always ready to help the ones in need!
What gaming character would you be, and why? John Marston. Cruising through the wild west, catching bandits, playing poker, all in all being a complete badass!
Why do you love gaming? I love it because it gives me the option to visit all these awesome places the developers create, from the wild-west, to the medieval times, to other galaxies, and so on. When I’m playing, I ignore everything around me, and am completely immersed in the respective worlds.
Gamertags: Steam - vlad94pintea   PSN - DerpTroll94
Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter   Skype - vlad94pintea


Name: Ryan Livingstone       
About Me:
I have gamed ever since I can remember, starting with the Nintendo 64. Since then my passion has grown, and from that my writing flows. I love discussing games with anyone and everyone even if they don’t care. Although I have strong opinions on certain subjects, when it comes to writing I aim to deliver both sides with equal thought.

Favourite Console: PC
Favourite Game:
The Last of Us
Favourite Genre:
Favourite Franchise:
Too many! Although, Bioshock sticks out.

Personal Character Class: Rogue – love that stealth!
What gaming character would you be, and why?
John Marsden – he is the man I can never be.

Why do you love gaming? Gaming is something that no other thing can provide; it gives me the control to roll the story. I love a good story in a game, and if the world I’m set in is equally as enthralling, then you can have my money. It also gives me a break from outside things and allows me to explore the creations of what people can do. I could go on but really gaming is just awesome.
Steam - ryanbob0357   PSN - manutd0357

Social Networks: Facebook, MyIGN


Name: Hope Hornsby
Age: 25
Country: USA
About Me: I’m a reader, writer, gamer, and occasionally a fangirl. I believe in the Oxford comma and attending midnight releases, and I get really excited about just about everything.
Favourite Console: PC
Favourite Game: Transistor
Favourite Genre: RPG
Favourite Franchise: Dragon Age
Personal Character Class: Rogue. It’s all about being up close and personal. (or very far away with really spectacular aim.)
What gaming character would you be, and why? Claire Redfield, Resident Evil series (games or movies, really). Claire has a pretty strong devotion to those around her, and tries to do what she thinks is best in the absolute worst situations. Plus Ali Larter is awesome.
Why do you love gaming? For me, gaming is about reaching out, telling a story. Even games that don’t have carefully constructed intricate plots matter to someone, and I love that gaming reaches so many people the way that it does. It can be a big AAA title or a little mobile app that you play in your spare time, but most games are a means of reaching out and touching something bigger.
Gamertags: Steam: biohazardprincess I’m not much of a multiplayer gamer, but occasionally I can be convinced to break away from the RPG’s.
Social Networks: Tumblr

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