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Eric Pepper

Eric hails from Ottawa, Canada and is an editor for Analog Addiction. He's been an avid gamer from a very young age and is also known for his love of achievements. He possesses backgrounds in criminology, psychology, rugby, and wrestling.

Rare Replay Screen 1

‘Rare Replay’ Review

Platform Xbox One Developer Rare Ltd.   Publisher Microsoft Studios Genre Various/Arcade Collection When Rare Replay was initially announced, gamers everywhere reverted back to their younger selves, reliving memories of entire days lost to playing iconic titles such as Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, and Jetpac. With the game now available, is the package worth […]

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Jotun #3

New ‘Jotun’ Boss Revealed

In a new trailer, Jotun has revealed a new boss character whom players can expect to find at the end of the Yggdrasil world. Named Hagalaz, the enemy jotun is composed of light, thunder and clouds, presenting a new elemental challenge to Thora. The trailer shows highlights from […]

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Party Hard

‘Party Hard’ Coming Next Month

The pixelated game of ending obnoxious parties through violent means has been given a release date on Steam and it will be coming out on August 25. Entirely centered around murdering party-goers in the hopes of finally getting some peace and quiet in the middle of the night, […]

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Jotun #3

‘Jotun’ Closed Beta Impressions

Jotun is a game based heavily in Norse mythology, tasking players with helping Thora, a deceased Viking warrior, prove herself in battle to gain entrance to Valhalla. The entirety of the game takes place in Norse Purgatory, filled with puzzles, enemies, and boss fights with various jotuns. The latter […]

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