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First Look: UNITY #2

Here’s your first look inside UNITY #2. Broken but not beaten… Unity has to put down X-O Manowar and avert nuclear war. But Harada’s super-team lasted a grand total of five minutes last issue before they were taken out. Time for Unity 2.0…but how do you get a […]

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Eternal Warrior #3 Preview

Eternal Warrior #3 Written by: Greg Pak Art by: Trevor Hairsine and Diego Bernard On sale: 11/20/13 $3.99/T+/32 pgs. Hungry for glory as the Earth’s new Fist and Steel, the Eternal Warrior’s daughter Xaran has started a war between the mysterious Houses that rule the world. Now, as […]

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Quantum and Woody #5 Preview

Quantum and Woody #5 Written by: James Asmus Art by: Ming Doyle Imbued with unpredictable new superpowers in the wake of an energy experiment gone wrong, Eric and Woody Henderson have just had their lives turned upside down – and they need to “klang” together every 24 hours […]

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