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Mario Tennis Ultra Smash pic 10

E3 2015: ‘Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash’ Revealed

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii U was announced during the Nintendo Digital Event. It contains the series’ traditional tennis gameplay with one-on-one and two vs. two matches. Two new features in Ultra Smash shown in the trailer were Giant Mushrooms making players bigger, and jump shots to hit tennis balls high […]

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Star Foz Zero pic 1

E3 2015: ‘Star Fox Zero’ Revealed, Gameplay

After its subtle announcement last year at E3, Star Fox on the Wii U not only got its first glimpse of gameplay, but a title as well: Star Fox Zero. The video, which opened the Nintendo Digital Event, first visits the familiar planet Corneria followed by several other planets presumably in the Lylat System. Vehicles […]

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E3 2015 News Hub – All Your E3 News In One Place

E3 2015 is in full swing and to keep you up-to-date with all of the latest E3 news, announcements and reveals Analog Addiction presents the E3 2015 News Hub. DOOM Release Window, SnapMap Revealed Announced Doom Single Player, Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed Dishonored 2 Announced Dishonored Definitive Edition Coming To […]

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