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‘Triad Wars’ Preview | Sleeping Potential

Let’s all be honest for a moment: when you had first seen Triad Wars, you had thought it’s simply the missing multiplayer component of Sleeping Dogs; a way to cash-in on Square Enix’s decision to save the True Crime franchise (although the publisher didn’t purchase the actual intellectual […]

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PAX East Spotlight: ‘Windward’

One of the awesome new titles Analog Addiction got some time to play at PAX East was Windward, the procedurally generated action RPG from Tasharen Entertainment. In Windward, the player assumes control of the captain of a ship and is able to explore the world, claim cities, and […]

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‘RIVE’ Preview

If you happen to be a fan of robots, platforming, explosions, and boss fights, RIVE is a title you may want to keep your eye on. Being developed by Two Tribes, the game initially began as an on-rails shooter for the Nintendo DS but has since evolved into […]

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