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Best Gaming Easter Eggs – Part III

Although more prevalent in the past than in this day and age, everybody loves finding Easter Eggs in their video games. From subtle references to other games, films or anything in-between to whole levels imitating a particular section of another title, finding these surprises might seem trivial to […]

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The AA Meeting Episode 22

The AA Meeting Episode 22 The AA Meeting is your weekly destination for all the biggest gaming news of the week. This week we talk about what I have been playing including Battlefield 3 and DmC. We also talk about the small news week of gaming, including the […]

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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Released

The third DLC expansion pack for Battlefield 3 has now been released, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is now available to Premium Battlefield subscribers on the PlayStation 3. Armored Kill includes four new multiplayer maps, including the biggest Battlefield map in history, six additional vehicles, 20+ unlocks and the […]

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Battlefield 3: Aftermath Details

The Battlefield franchise is once again in the news this week, DICE have revealed new information regarding Battlefield 3’s Aftermath DLC pack. The official site has stated that the DLC is set in Tehran, Iran and as the name suggests it will be in the aftermath of an […]

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Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Details

Information regarding Battlefield 3’s upcoming expansion pack Armored Kill has been given from EA themselves. The expansion will include four new maps, including the biggest map in Battlefield history called Bandar Desert. Also new vehicle additions will be added including ATV’s tanks and mobile artillery units, five new […]

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