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Bethesda to Host First E3 Conference this Year

In a potentially exciting announcement, video game publisher and developer Bethesda has revealed they are hosting their first ever E3 conference this year on June 14. No details have been shared on what the company will show, but if they are having their own conference, there must be […]

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JRPG Newcomer Finds Love Within The Genre

The Japanese role-playing genre has been a variety of gaming I have avoided throughout my time as a gamer. I always heard second-hand knowledge regarding the in-depth complexities many of these titles possess, the hundreds of gameplay hours each title offered, and a fair amount of negativity towards […]

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Fallout 4 Taking Place in Boston?

Rumours have been circling today that the next Fallout game will take place in Boston, Fallout is an popular open world RPG franchise set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Over on the popular website Reddit, one of their anonymous users suggests that scouting is currently underway at MIT (Massachusetts […]

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