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Refreshing the shooter slider

2014: Refreshing The First Person Shooter

The shooter genre, particularly first person shooters, is one of the most popular genres in video games. Most shooters have basic mechanics which are easy to understand, as well as more difficult elements which allow skilled players to separate themselves from the rest. Due to the rise of […]

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Battlefield Hardline Logo

‘Battlefield Hardline’ Beta Impressions

The Battlefield franchise has been keeping with numbered sequels over the past couple of releases. The announcement of Battlefield Hardline, marks a stray from direct sequels to another spin-off series. However, whereas DICE has developed every other Battlefield game, Visceral Games takes command this time. At E3 2014, […]

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Evolve #2

‘Evolve’ Gets Six New Screenshots

Developer Turtle Rock Studios has released six new screenshots for its upcoming sci-fi themed, co-operative first-person shooter, Evolve. As mentioned above, Evolve is a co-operative game, in which four players hunt down an alien monster, which is controlled by a fifth player. Both the hunters and the monster […]

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