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Until Dawn Screen 8

‘Until Dawn’ Launch Trailer

Supermassive Games has released the launch trailer for its upcoming teen horror, Until Dawn. Until Dawn follows the story of 8 teenagers staying at an isolated cabin in the mountains. Players must make choices regarding how their story will unfold, utilising the Butterfly Effect system. Depending on your choices, […]

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NBA 2K16

‘NBA 2K16’ #Winning Trailer

2K Games has released a new trailer for NBA 2K16, titled #Winning. The new gameplay trailer focuses on the cover athletes for NBA 2K16, which include Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Anthony Davis, alongside a extensive array of other athletes. The new footage showcases the improved visuals from […]

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Mad Max - Vehicular Combat

‘Mad Max’ TV Commercial Released

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new television commercial for the upcoming release of Mad Max. The brief TV commercial offers a small glimpse at the post-apocalyptic open word Wasteland players will be exploring. Developed by Avalanche Studios, players will need to utilise their lethal car companion […]

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