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Does Exclusivity Really Matter?

Does exclusivity really matter? This question has become a hot topic over the past week when two titles that were originally exclusives on Nintendo’s Wii U console, made the move over to multi-platform.   Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge was to be the ‘definitive version of Ninja Gaiden […]

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The Illusion of Choice

If anything has become apparent to me this year, it is that gamers have developed the need, or the want, for choice in the video games they play. Choices, in video games, are usually made in the form of speech options (e.g. Mass Effect 3), choosing whether to […]

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Cliff Bleszinski Leaves Epic Games

First Bioware, now Epic. Cliff Bleszinski, the design director of Epic Games famous for their over the top shooters featuring hulking giants of men and many uses of the phrase “hell yeah” has left Epic Games. After 20 years of service to Epic Games and being at the […]

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