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Jotun #3

‘Jotun’ Closed Beta Impressions

Jotun is a game based heavily in Norse mythology, tasking players with helping Thora, a deceased Viking warrior, prove herself in battle to gain entrance to Valhalla. The entirety of the game takes place in Norse Purgatory, filled with puzzles, enemies, and boss fights with various jotuns. The latter […]

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Firewatch #1

E3 2015: ‘Firewatch’ Gets a New Trailer

Indie game Firewatch from developer Camp Santo has received a new trailer, which was shown at Sony’s E3 2015 press conference. The trailer shows character player Henry, a fire lookout, talking to his supervisor Delilah through a walkie-talkie. Henry explores the Shoshone National Forest located in the state of Wyoming in the […]

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