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ARK Survival Evolved

‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Announced

If wandering through an open world environment filled with dinosaurs and other people seems like an appealing concept to you, then you may wish to keep an eye on Studio Wildcard’s upcoming title, ARK: Survival Evolved. The MMO places players on an island where they wake up naked. From […]

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The Crew Review slider

‘The Crew’ Review

Platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Publisher Ubisoft Developer Ivory Tower Genre MMO Racing Platform Played Xbox One The Crew is one ambitious title. Not because it is an open world racing game with a map literally the size of the United States. Nor because The Crew is a Massive Multiplayer Online game on […]

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Destiny 3

‘Destiny’ Live Action Trailer

Like most of you, we here at Analog Addiction are counting down the hours until Bungie’s new Sci-Fi MMO Shooter, Destiny,is available. To help the waiting, Bungie and Activision have released a live action trailer to whet your appetite. Destiny is available worldwide this Tuesday, September 9 for […]

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‘H1Z1′ E3 Gameplay Demo

In case you missed it, Sony Online Entertainment released a gameplay demo for its upcoming zombie apocalypse MMO, H1Z1, a couple of weeks ago. In the video, Senior Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt demonstrates new features in the game such as dynamic weather, the day/night cycle and a bow weapon. […]

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