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‘Let’s Fall’ Review

Platforms Android [iOS at a later date] Publisher/Developer Yannick Cerrutti & Yann Delplanque. Genre Arcade Platform Played Samsung Galaxy S4 When you’re looking for a simple time wasting option on your mobile device, there are a plethora of choices; with a majority available for free. One of the […]

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‘Roska’ Review

Platforms Android Publisher/Developer SIEIDI Genre Arcade   Platform Played Samsung Galaxy S4 Despite the free-to-play mobile release being downloaded by millions of players daily, few have been able to strike a strong balance between providing a casual gaming experience alongside hardcore sensibilities. SIEDI, a three man development studio […]

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Video Games

Analog Addiction is Now Hiring New Editors

Want to write about the video games industry? Want to review the latest games? Want to share your love for the interactive medium? Then Analog Addiction wants you. Analog Addiction is seeking editors that have the following areas of expertise. Nintendo Mobile PC (indie, MMO, MOBA, RTS/Strategy) If […]

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