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Who Won E3 2015?

Who won E3? It’s a subjective question we ask every year. Most years, it is often unclear who won E3, often depending on which console you own. Some years, it has been clear who won E3, like with Sony’s ingenious comeback in 2013 when Microsoft announced an always […]

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Metroid Prime Federation Force pic 6

E3 2015: ‘Metroid Prime: Federation Force’ Announced

Metroid Prime: Federation Force has been announced for the 3DS. Federation Force is a title set in the Metroid Prime universe where up to four players work together to complete objective based missions. Like Metroid Prime, the gameplay is  first-person shooter. The game will also include Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, a three vs. three […]

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Mario Tennis Ultra Smash pic 10

E3 2015: ‘Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash’ Revealed

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii U was announced during the Nintendo Digital Event. It contains the series’ traditional tennis gameplay with one-on-one and two vs. two matches. Two new features in Ultra Smash shown in the trailer were Giant Mushrooms making players bigger, and jump shots to hit tennis balls high […]

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