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‘Gigantic’ Beta Impressions

Gigantic, an upcoming MOBA from Motiga, has been giving players access to a closed beta and technical testing during weekends since late last year. Last week, the beta became 24/7, allowing participants to play whenever they found some time, and the game itself has evolved slightly since its […]

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Gunscape #2

‘Gunscape’ Coming in March

While previously announced that Gunscape would release on the Xbox One and PC late last year, the game will actually be launching across both those platforms in addition to the Playstation 4, Mac, and Linux on March 2, 2016. Beyond that date, a Wii U version will be […]

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‘AIPD’ Review

Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Developer/Publisher Blazing Badger Genre Twin-Stick Shooter   Platform Played Xbox One Artificial Intelligence Police Department, or AIPD, tasks you with eliminating evil artificial intelligence, presumably in cyberspace. In order to accomplish this feat, you are given control of a weaponized drone with numerous power-ups appearing […]

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Punch Club #3

‘Punch Club’ Review

Platform PC   Genre Simulation Developer Lazy Bear Games   Publisher tinyBuild Games Simulation games often have a very limited scope of activities or basic structure for improving your character’s statistics, but Punch Club takes this notion and tosses it out the window. For a simulation title, particularly one created by […]

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