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Detective Comics #25 Preview: Jim Gordon’s Zero Year

Detective Comics #25 Written By: John Layman Art By: Jason Fabok On Sale: 11/6/13 A pre-Commisioner, Lt. Jim Gordon, takes centre stage in this week’s issue of Detective Comics. A “BATMAN: ZERO YEAR” tie-in! James Gordon confronts the corrupt elements in the G.C.P.D.—and the vigilante known as Batman! […]

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“Trinity of Sin: Pandora” Preview

USA Today unveiled a preview of “Trinity of Sin: Pandora” #1 from writer Ray Fawkes, and artists Daniel Sampere and Patrick Zircher. “Trinity of Sin: Pandora” chronicles Pandora’s 10,000 year existence, leading up to Trinity War, which begins in next month’s “Justice League” #22. The mini-series will show […]

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