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Wasteland Screen 6

‘Wasteland 2′ Review

Platforms PC Developer inXile Entertainment   Publisher inXile Entertainment Genre RPG   Platform Played On PC A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my first impressions of Wasteland 2, inXile’s new RPG, but now that the full version has released and I have logged about 40 hours of play time, […]

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Vertical Drop Heroes HD Screen 9

‘Vertical Drop Heroes HD’ Review

Platforms PC, Mac  Developer Nerdook Productions Publisher Digerati Distribution Genre Rogue-like Action Platformer   Platform Played PC If you asked me what Vertical Drop Heroes HD was, I would immediately tell you it was a mix between the rogue-likes Spelunky and Rogue Legacy. The former, in that the player maneuvers their way down to the […]

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Rogue Legacy PS HD featured

‘Rogue Legacy’ [PlayStation] Review

Platforms PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita Developer Abstraction Games (PlayStation Port)   Publisher Cellar Door Games Inc. Genre 2D-Platformer, Rogue-lite   Platform Played PlayStation Vita Rogue Legacy is a 2D Rogue-lite Action Platformer that was originally released on PC, last year, by Cellar Door Games; when we first […]

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Child of Light Screen 2

‘Child of Light’ Review

Platforms PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii UDeveloper Ubisoft Montreal   Publisher UbisoftGenre RPG   Platform Played On PS4 There is an argument to made be made every year that video games can and should be considered art. While it is never certain what game will be able to make that statement year […]

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