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Wasteland Screen 6

‘Wasteland 2’ Review

Platforms PC Developer inXile Entertainment   Publisher inXile Entertainment Genre RPG   Platform Played On PC A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my first impressions of Wasteland 2, inXile’s new RPG, but now that the full version has released and I have logged about 40 hours of play time, […]

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Vertical Drop Heroes HD Screen 9

‘Vertical Drop Heroes HD’ Review

Platforms PC, Mac  Developer Nerdook Productions Publisher Digerati Distribution Genre Rogue-like Action Platformer   Platform Played PC If you asked me what Vertical Drop Heroes HD was, I would immediately tell you it was a mix between the rogue-likes Spelunky and Rogue Legacy. The former, in that the player maneuvers their way down to the […]

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Rogue Legacy PS HD featured

‘Rogue Legacy’ [PlayStation] Review

Platforms PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita Developer Abstraction Games (PlayStation Port)   Publisher Cellar Door Games Inc. Genre 2D-Platformer, Rogue-lite   Platform Played PlayStation Vita Rogue Legacy is a 2D Rogue-lite Action Platformer that was originally released on PC, last year, by Cellar Door Games; when we first […]

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