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Mario Tennis Ultra Smash pic 10

E3 2015: ‘Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash’ Revealed

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii U was announced during the Nintendo Digital Event. It contains the series’ traditional tennis gameplay with one-on-one and two vs. two matches. Two new features in Ultra Smash shown in the trailer were Giant Mushrooms making players bigger, and jump shots to hit tennis balls high […]

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Star Foz Zero pic 1

E3 2015: ‘Star Fox Zero’ Revealed, Gameplay

After its subtle announcement last year at E3, Star Fox on the Wii U not only got its first glimpse of gameplay, but a title as well: Star Fox Zero. The video, which opened the Nintendo Digital Event, first visits the familiar planet Corneria followed by several other planets presumably in the Lylat System. Vehicles […]

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