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‘SMITE’ Enters Open Beta On Xbox One

SMITE, the first free-to-play MOBA on Xbox One, has entered its Open Beta phase, meaning it is free to download for everyone via the Xbox Marketplace. Existing players from the Closed Beta will retain all of their unlocks and their level, and PC players can perform a one-time account […]

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Who Won E3 2015?

Who won E3? It’s a subjective question we ask every year. Most years, it is often unclear who won E3, often depending on which console you own. Some years, it has been clear who won E3, like with Sony’s ingenious comeback in 2013 when Microsoft announced an always […]

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Xbox One Home Dashboard

Xbox One UI Receiving Overhall This Fall

Due to a focus on games this E3 Press Conference, Microsoft was unable to find the time to detail updates to the Xbox One User Interface. Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, interviewed Xbox Engineering Team member Richard Irving to get information about a wide range […]

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