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Dying Light Screen 1

‘Dying Light’ Review

Platforms PS4/XB1/PC    Developer Techland   Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Genre Survival Horror   Platform Played On PS4 I’ll go on record right now and say that I didn’t like Dead Island. I really wanted to like it at the time, I bought it and sunk quite a […]

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KILLALLZOMBIES pic 1 (slider)


Platform PlayStation 4 Developer/Publisher Beatshapers Ltd. Genre Twin Stick Shooter With a video game title such as #KILLALLZOMBIES (#KAZ), it’s instantly clear you don’t have to take the game seriously. On the other hand, one may think “I’ll pass” upon hearing the silly name. Whoever is reading this and had the […]

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‘H1Z1’ E3 Gameplay Demo

In case you missed it, Sony Online Entertainment released a gameplay demo for its upcoming zombie apocalypse MMO, H1Z1, a couple of weeks ago. In the video, Senior Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt demonstrates new features in the game such as dynamic weather, the day/night cycle and a bow weapon. […]

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