Ragnarok Odyssey FINALLY has a release date!

Good News Everyone!

Well the game list for October keeps on getting bigger, another Vita game has just gotten a release date. Ragnarok Odyssey, an action-RPG being published by XSEED (bless their hearts) is coming October 30th according to the twitter feed:

XSEED may be the best publisher out there.

There have been a number of bundles announced:

The “Regular” Edition will come with the game cartridge.

The “Mercenary” Edition will come bundled with:

– 96-page color guide to the world of Ragnarok Odyssey

– Soundtrack

– 10 pack of monster cards (?)

Here is a quick trailer from GungHo and XSEED!

Source: IGN Youtube

For more information on the game, visit their main website here!

Be sure to visit Analog Addiction to see more information when it becomes available, we’ll be here to report it!

Jaime is stoked for Ragnarok Odyssey, but is a little P.O.’ed. He seriously has no more money to spend on games! Follow him on twitter @RTBL1990


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