Day: February 4, 2013


HMV To Close Stores

Troubled music retailer HMV are set to close up to 100 of their highstreet stores it has been revealed. Between 60-100 stores are to be closed which will result in the lose of up to 1,500 jobs and will stay open until they every last bit of stock […]

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L.A. Noire Gag Reel

We have come a long way since the beginning of gaming, and if anything stands proof of that, then it’s this incredibly face scanning technology used in L.A. Noire. Depth Analysis, the studio which created the face scanning technology used in 2011’s L.A. Noire released an outtakes reel […]

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The AA Meeting Episode 24

The AA Meeting Episode 24 The AA Meeting is your weekly destination for all the biggest gaming news of the week. This week we talk about PlayStation 4, politicians and their hatred of gaming, Dead Space 3 story DLC, Skyrim DLC coming to PlayStation 3, Sleeping Dogs developer […]

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Can You Say Halo 3 For PC?

Well this is something most interesting! People usually use this Steam Database tool in order to take a peek at upcoming games which are set to arrive on Valve’s store at a later date. Recently, among other titles, the database lists the likes of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo […]

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