Beyond: Two Souls Release Date Announced Along With the Introduction of Willem DaFoe

It’s official: Quantic Dream’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls will be released October 8th in North America (other territories not disclosed) thus clarifying the confusion surrounding David Cage’s enigmatic tech demo during Sony’s “Future of PlayStation” event in New York, February 20th.


Also announced was Willem DeFoe playing a character in the game named Nathan Dawkins. Sony has stated that DaFoe’s character is, “an enigmatic scientist working for a top-secret government division studying paranormal activity. His professional curiosity in Jodie, driven by personal tragedy, is a central theme in Beyond: Two Souls.” (As quoted from IGN).

Those curious about DaFoe’s character in the game (who is very reminiscent of Norman Osborne) can check out the videos below.

Source: IGN


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