Day: March 29, 2013

Half-Life 3 Logo

Tweets from GDC Fire up the Half-Life 3 Rumour Mill

Today some interesting Tweets concerning Valve have emerged from GDC, (the Games Developers Conference), which have once again incited a great deal of speculation concerning the long-awaited Half-Life 3. Lead designer on Battlefield 3, David Goldfarb, tweeted that he witnessed some “nice things” after a meeting with Valve. Almost instantaneously, Marcus ‘Notch’ […]

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AA Preview

Preview: Avengers #10

When the Avengers learn that the Canadian super team, Omega Flight, have found themselves in the middle of a Garden Origin site – the Avengers must spring into action for a rescue mission like no other. But do Earth’s Mightiest know enough about the Garden to push back […]

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Crytek To Bid On Darksiders IP

Crysis developer Crytek has announced that it will put in a bid for the Darksiders IP which is set to go on auction on April 1st. Vigil, the creator of Darksiders was closed when THQ went bankrupt and as a result, many of the studios employees were scattered […]

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AA’s Marvel NOW! Wave 2 Picks

There are already plans for a Marvel NOW! Wave 2. A new wave of titles that will generate the same amount of excitement amongst retailers and fans that the first wave did. From “Uncanny Avengers” to “Thanos Rising,” Marvel NOW! has been a hit, and we’re far from […]

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