Just Cause 2 Developer Working On Multiple New Games

Just Cause 2 developer, Avalanche Studios have revealed the existence of multiple open world games for the next-gen consoles.

Speaking to Polygon, studio founder Christofer Sundberg revealed that since the release of Just Cause 2 in 2010, the studio has signed deals with a number of publishers to specifically create open world games on next-gen consoles on the basis that Sundberg describes Avalanche as a developer of open world games.

“We’ll be in radio silence until E3,” said Sunberg. “We have two bigger projects in development. One in New York. One in Stockholm.”

Sundberg also revealed that a small mobile division has been created also adding “it’s just three people.”

Avalanche had been forced to lay off a substancial amount of its 160 strong workforce due to financial constraints but since the release of Just Cause 2 in 2008, the companies been bouncing back. Sundberg explained that due to an overwhelming competition from Battlefield developer DICE, the company has expanded to include a New York office where the city is “almost competition free when it comes to developers.”

Avalanche had shipped back its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 development kits last year in favour of moving to the next-gen. Late last month, Sundberg also Tweeted a picture of what seemed to be a Just Cause related screenshot. Sundberg had also teased that Avalanche was “going for the knockout” at E3 this year. Avalanche CTO Linus Bloomberg had also praised the development of games on the PlayStation 4 remarking how much easier it is than using the PlayStation 3.

As Sundberg had said, Avalanche will be pretty quiet over the next two months so there’s plenty of time to speculate what they’re up to.

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