Rocksteady Vouch For Arkham Origins Team

Batman Arkham series creator Rocksteady has vouched for the team at Warner Bros. Montreal assuring fans how Batman Arkham Origins is in safe hands with a new developer.

“Rocksteady is excited to see WB Games Montreal developing the prequel to the Batman Arkham franchise,” said Rocksteady director Sefton Hill. “We are confident this talented team will craft a fantastic experience, bringing the origins of the Arkhamverse to life.”

It's the BAT!

As revealed yesterday, the prequel allows the team the creative freedom it needs without having to worry about treading on Rocksteady’s toes for any future Arkham games.

“It gives us the opportunity to refresh things a bit. Refresh characters, refresh ideas, refresh the dynamic between Batman and other characters, and refresh the world, too, “said WB Games Montreal’s creative director Eric Holmes. “Batman hasn’t become the character we know and are very familiar with.”

Red Skull err Black Mask

Holmes was previously lead designer on Activision’s and Radical Entertainment’s Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype from 2005 and 2009 respectively.

Batman Arkham Origins takes place on Christmas Eve in Gotham City with the Black Mask having put a kill order on Batman. You can find out more details along with screenshots of the game here. Also announced was a spinoff named Blackgate for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

Both games will release on October 25th for the PC, PS3, 360 and Wii U for the main game and 3DS and Vita for the handheld.

Source: CVG.

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