Month: August 2013


Shadowman #10 Preview

Here’s the advance preview of Shadowman #10 – continuing the uncanny origin tale that began in Shadowman’s critically acclaimed zero issue! The arcane source of all Shadowmen, past and present, will stand revealed when Valiant opens the next chapter in the lives of Nicodemo and Sandria Darque! Long […]

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Quantum and Woody #3 Preview

Here’s an advance preview of Quantum and Woody #3 – the next issue of the summer’s best-selling, critic-scorching new series debut by James Asmus (Thief of Thieves) and Tom Fowler (Venom)! The scheming forces of the E.R.A. will stop at nothing to unlock the secret science behind Quantum […]

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Guardians of Middle-Earth Now Available on PC

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that its previously console-exclusive MOBA game – Guardians of Middle-Earth – is now available on PC, as well. Players can purchase it through Steam, or other digital retailers. In Guardians of Middle-Earth, gamers assume the role of 36 different iconic Guardians (obtainable […]

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New 52 big

Review of DC’s New 52 So Far

This is a review for DC’s New 52. Now while they don’t have waves like Marvel NOW!, they have been going for a longer period and just finished their first major comic event. That leaves some room to have an actual review of their progress so far. DC’s […]

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