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‘Super Mario Run’ Announced for iOS

While Apple spent much of its press conference today talking about the new gadgets and gizmos to come from the tech giant, approximately six minutes were dedicated to Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealing Super Mario Run, the first official mobile game starring the iconic plumber. SMR follows traditional Mario platforming combined with “endless” runner gameplay where the […]

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SXSW Indie Impressions

Austin: it’s quite a mystical city in the U.S. as I found out during my stay there. From burger joints called “Your Mom’s” to dozens upon dozens of venues for music artists to perform at, it’s a city where a snooze-inducing day is hard to come by. What […]

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‘Limbo’ Now Available on App Store

Playdead has announced Limbo is now available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Wanting to extend the range of players who can experience Limbo, Playdead will release a seamless touch-based experience on the iPad 2 (and higher), iPad Mini, iPhone 4S (and higher), and the latest generation of […]

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Apple Considering Game Controller?

Late last week a published patent showed an iPhone device being used as a universal remote to pair NFC (Near Field Communication) devices. This technology allows certain devices to be paired with one another within close proximity, this is similar to paying for your products at a grocery […]

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