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‘Slave to the Grind’ | Watch. Chat. Play! | Ep 27

This week, the boys talk about the burden and benefit of grinding in video games.

Mechanic to keep gamer’s playing, or technique to destroy lives?

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Soul Sacrifice Review

Platform: PS Vita / Genre: Action Role Playing Game Developer: SCEJ & Marvelous AQL / Publisher: SCEJ By what measure do human beings weigh the worth of their souls? It’s not an easy question, nor is it a difficult one, but it’s a question that is continually asked with every sacrifice made in Sony’s […]

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Ragnarok Odyssey Review

Platform: PS Vita /Genre: Action Role Playing Game Developer: Gung Ho Online Entertainment / Publisher: XSEED Games The concept of having Monster Hunter on Vita shouldn’t seem foreign to handheld users. Hell, by all accounts Vita-owners should be treated to the news that an actual Monster Hunter title is […]

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