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‘Tumblestone’ Review

Platforms Xbox One/PC/Playstation 4/Wii U Developer/Publisher Quantum Astrophysicists Guild Genre Puzzle  Platform Played Xbox One Puzzle games requiring you to match three of the same block are nothing new to the realm of gaming, but Tumblestone attempts to infuse this concept with some interesting new twists which results in […]

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Trackmania Turbo Screen 3

‘Trackmania Turbo’ Review

Platforms Playstation 4/Xbox One/PC Developer Nadeo  Publisher Ubisoft Genre Racing  Platform Played Xbox One With a visual style that screams “arcade racer,” Trackmania Turbo will shock everyone as they discover the gameplay does not match this first impression whatsoever. Demanding precise, subtle movements, the game is unforgiving and forces countless race restarts if a […]

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‘Gigantic’ Beta Impressions

Gigantic, an upcoming MOBA from Motiga, has been giving players access to a closed beta and technical testing during weekends since late last year. Last week, the beta became 24/7, allowing participants to play whenever they found some time, and the game itself has evolved slightly since its […]

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Gunscape #2

‘Gunscape’ Coming in March

While previously announced that Gunscape would release on the Xbox One and PC late last year, the game will actually be launching across both those platforms in addition to the Playstation 4, Mac, and Linux on March 2, 2016. Beyond that date, a Wii U version will be […]

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‘Starwhal’ Review

Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, Playstation 3 Developer Breakfall   Publisher Breakfall Genre Arcade   Platform Played Xbox One When thinking of hectic multiplayer action, four vibrant, costumed narwhals trying to stab each other in the heart may not be the first thought which comes to mind, but […]

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DriveClub Bikes Screen 14

‘Driveclub Bikes’ Review

Platform PlayStation 4 Genre Racing Developer Evolution Studios Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Driveclub Bikes adds to the growing number of next generation motorcycle options on PlayStation 4 consoles. Driveclub Bikes is a standalone DLC expansion for Sony’s latest racing franchise, focusing on its two wheeled brethren. Though Driveclub […]

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