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Trackmania Turbo Screen 3

‘Trackmania Turbo’ Review

Platforms Playstation 4/Xbox One/PC Developer Nadeo  Publisher Ubisoft Genre Racing  Platform Played Xbox One With a visual style that screams “arcade racer,” Trackmania Turbo will shock everyone as they discover the gameplay does not match this first impression whatsoever. Demanding precise, subtle movements, the game is unforgiving and forces countless race restarts if a […]

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Shovel Knight Screen 4

‘Shovel Knight’ Review

Platforms PC/Mac/Linux/Wii U/3DS/Xbox One/PS3/PS4/Vita Developer/Publisher Yacht Club Games Genre Action Platformer Platform Played PlayStation 4 Over the last few years many games have been inspired by legendary retro titles, either in visual style or gameplay system. Though a great deal of these games haven’t come close to creating a […]

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