Contributors Wanted

Want to write about the video games industry? Want to review the latest games? Want to share your love for the interactive medium?

Then Analog Addiction wants you.


Analog Addiction is seeking editors that have the following areas of expertise.

  • Nintendo
  • Mobile
  • PC (indie, MMO, MOBA, RTS/Strategy)
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation

If you believe you have the skills and the knowledge regarding the subject matter above, or simply want to forward your resume our way and be considered for any further positions, simply email the answers to the following questions alongside two sample pieces of writing (news, editorials, reviews) to

Previous Experience:
Weekly Availability:
Consoles Owned:
What will you bring to Analog Addiction?

Your application WILL be read and we will make sure to reply regarding the status of your application, alongside any tips we can give to help you improve. Previous experience in a similar role is not required, but samples of your work will still need to be presented.

These positions will be non-paid, but Analog Addiction will help in acquiring review copies, passes to events, have your writing read by thousands of readers and much more.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to reading your work.

Make sure to check out Analog Addiction and like them on Facebook, follow the site on Twitter @AnalogAddiction, and on YouTube.


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    Previous Experience: Well in playing video games, since I was 4 yrs old, now I am 34 next january, but in actual reviewing games not much to be honest, i started doing an ios wiki at IGN. I also have done collage videos for fun. I do a lot of videogame related editing in photoshop aswell.

    Weekly Availability: Every night of the week.

    Consoles Owned: PS4, XB1, PC, MAC, IOS, PSVITA, 2DS, n64, nes, snes, gamecube, ps1.

    What will you bring to Analog Addiction?

    Well I’d love to bring anything videogame related to you guys, nothing drives me more than the video game industry!


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